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What we do is an internet-based platform, transparent, dynamic, collaborative, focused on coordinating supply and demand needs of the real estate investment market (including turnkey projects and public private partnerships) and professional let (including letting, preletting, management and franchise). We are focused on the sale and rental of rental properties and professional letting...

If you are looking to buy a rented building, premises, offices, houses, warehouses (and other types of property) can put you in touch with the owners of these buildings. Likewise, if you need to rent a room, office, warehouse, logistics warehouse or commercial building for your business, will help you find the property that suits your needs.

If you have a shop, a warehouse, an office building or any property rented to a tenant and you want to sell it, can put you in contact with leading professional investors: investment funds, family offices, insurance companies and individual investors ... and if you have a property to rent we can make it easier for you to contact the major operators (commercial, logistical, residences, hotels ...) to let and prelet, in case you want to develop without commercial risks.

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  • How does it work? It's very simple!
    1. Publish the advert of your property. Depending on the type of property, it may be a premium ad*, visible only to institutional investors and professional operators invited by or validated by public ad**, visible to all users. Specifying:
      • The properties that will be visible only to professional investors or premium listings are: residential building, exclusive commercial premises, car park, office building, retail park, shopping mall, retirement dwelling, student halls of residence, business parks, hotel, hospital / clinic, convention centre, warehouse, logistics warehouse, schools, photovoltaic roof, storage building and filling station.
      • Buildings that are visible to the public: Homes, offices, mini warehouses, retail units and garages.
      Professional letting:
      • The properties only visible to professional traders and premium are: exclusive commercial premises, parking, office buildings, retirement dwellings, student halls of residence, schools, hotels, hospitals / clinics, convention centres, congress centres, logistics warehouses, photovoltaic roofs, retail parks, shopping centres, filling stations and flexible use buildings.
      • Buildings visible to the public are: Offices, mini warehouse, medium commercial, retail, business park, industrial unit, storage, storage building and billboards.
    2. Receive emails from interested investors/operators. The investor's email will contain the type of investor and his track record (type of company, years in the market, transactions and volume of transactions). An operator's email will contain the type of operator, year founded, years of presence and turnover. At that point, you have the information to decide whether to accept the investor/operator or not. If you agree to it the investor/operator can view your contact details and complete listing of your properties. We will show the tenant and location. Viewing the investor's contact details has a cost as explained below.
    3. The investor/operator and you get in contact to negotiate.
  • The cost?

    Posting your ad is free! You only pay for the contacts received that you choose to view. Only those that you allow will be able see the full listing of your properties and your contact details. If you still have questions please contact us at and we will respond to your queries.

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Addmeet Contract

Addmeet Contract is a Real Estate Contract Management company whose primary mission is to value non-residential land, empty completed buildings and half-built buildings.

Our clients include developers, banks and investment banks. They demand a professional solution to rent their properties whilst making them available to be sold in the real estate investment market.

  • How it works: The MODEL cycle:
    1. Market: Analysis of the economic environment of the building in terms of macro and micro economic data.
    2. Oportunidad: detección de los sectores de actividad económica con recorrido, análisis cualitativo y cuantitativo de los mismos, definición del uso del inmueble.
    3. Definition: conception and design of the real estate product adapted to the functional needs of operators, the yield and flexibility requirements of the investor.
    4. Engage: marketing the property through
    5. Legal: legal structure of the real estate rental/sales operation seeking the most favourable outcome for stakeholders.
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    In we want to add extra value to our services for our customers, so from their user profile, each client will be able to access each type of consultancy such as lawyers, property insurance and annuities, rating companies, financial consulting, registry and surveyors.

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*Premium advert: all premium property ads published in are hidden, i.e., the advertiser contact details and information that could identify the building (exact location details and some photos) and its tenant (in the case of rented property) are not published to avoid devaluing the product. In addition validate each listing within 24 hours of submission, before posting on the web.

**Public Advert: this type of advert will be published in with complete details of the building, except the advertiser's contact details and the exact location. In addition will validate each ad within 24 hours of the user submitting it, before posting on the web.