Cómo funciona Addmeet Inversiones Inmobiliarias

How it works

  • Which kind of properties can you advert?...All of them! If yours is not available, send us an e-mail!

    Dwelling and residential buildings, commercial premises, offices and office buildings, industrial and logistic buildings, retail units and retail parks, hotels, filling stations, photovoltaic roofs, field solar power plants... and more!

  • Which kind of real estate deals can you make? Um... also all of them!
    1. Investment: rental properties, for sale, sale & leaseback, turnkey, auction, and public private partnership
    2. Professional letting: letting, pre-letting, management and franchise
  • Whom is it interesting for?

    For individuals or professionals who want to buy or sell their properties.

How can I start?


Publish your investment
or letting advert:

  • - Choose what data you like to show in advert
  • - Choose who can
    contact you.

Analyse the investor / operator’s track record before accepting or rejecting the invitation to contact.


Choose and accept investor/operator's and pay for contact.


Buyer will have access to all information.