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  • What’s addmeet?
    1. We could define ... as the platform that acts as the direct channel for professional letting, band real estate investments. That is, we connect the supply and demand of the commercial real estate industry by posting investment and rental property ads on our website.
    2. How does work? It's very easy! Search “invest” or “rent”, according to your needs, the building in which you are interested, analyze the search result and if you are interested in any, please contact the advertiser directly.
    3. Has any cost publishing an advertisement? Yes, it has a cost. Moreover, if you are contacted by premium users you will also have an additional cost for knowing his identity. You can check the Price list clicking on
    4. Can I choose which users will contact me? Yes, you can choose between only premium users or all kind of users.
    5. Can any user access information on all properties? No, that depends on you. You can allow access to your property only premium users or all kind of users.
    6. What types of users are there? As we have already explained, there are two types of users: public and premium.
    7. What do I need to do to be a “premium” user? To be a premium user, you must register as an investor and/or operator interested in premium properties and complete the registration form. Once completed, the team, based on the information received, will decide if the user gets a premium rating.
    8. Are all the advertisement details visible? Not until the advertiser has accepted a contact invitation from the investor/operator. Until then, if the property is allowed to be contacted by premium users, it will be displayed as a partial ad profile and if it’s allowed to be contacted by all type of users you will see a public advert profile.
    9. What is a blind advert profile? The profile of a blind ad is an ad where the advertiser contact details and information that could identify the building (exact location details and some photos) are not published to avoid devaluing the product
    10. What is a public advertisement profile? It is an ad where all details are visible except the contact details of the advertiser.
    11. I can’t find the type of property... If you want to publish an ad for a type of property and you can’t find it please let us know in
  • Look for an advert…
    1. How many types of listings are there? allows you to publish investment and rental property advertisements.
    2. Which types of properties can I research? Depending on whether you are choosing to invest or rent and the type of property you are looking for, you will find listings for public and premium properties.
    3. Do I need to register? It depends! If you are interested in a public property you don’t need to register to browse listings. If you are interested in a premium property you need to register to be able to browse those. In either case, to contact the advertiser you need to register.
    4. What do I need to do to publish an advert? Click on and start searching!
    5. Where do I contact the advertiser? At the property tab that you are interested in, there is a button to contact the advertiser. The advertiser will receive an email, after revising it and if he or she accepts it, you will receive an email with the contact details.
    6. Can I create a search alert? Once you receive the results of a search as a listing, you can make this search an alert and every time someone publishes an advert suitable to your search you will receive an email.
    7. Can I save an advert as a favourite? And recommend it to a friend? Yes to both questions. From the property tab, there is a button to save the property as a favourite and another one to recommend it to a friend.
    8. What if I think it is expensive? If you think the price is expensive and can wait for a reduction, you can click on the alert button and we will let you know if the profitability increases or the price reduces.
    9. Have you seen a mistake in the advert? Let us know using the button in the property tab. Thank you!
  • Publish an advert...
    1. Do you need to register to publish an advert? Yes! The first step to publish any advert is to register.
    2. What do you have to do to publish an advert? Click on If you are already registered, fill in the property form and pay through our virtual bank connection, and that’s it.
    3. Once I have filled in the form, is the advert already online? No! Our team at will revise all the listings before publishing. We commit to publish your advert online within 24h of receiving it.
    4. Why does revise all the listings before publishing them? For several reasons such as to check the quality of the details, images and values to ensure all the published listings are ok and the users have trustworthy information.
    5. Where do I receive emails from interested users? You will receive the emails at the email address you used to register. You can also find a copy in the inbox provided at “my addmeet”.
    6. How can I follow up the success of my advert? From “my addmeet/published properties” you will be able to see the number of searches, screen prints, visits, the % of people who choose it as a favourite and the % of people who think it is too expensive.
    7. How can I edit an advert? You can edit an advert from “my addmeet/published properties”.
    8. How can I delete an advert? You can delete an advert from “my addmeet/published properties”.
  • Payment method: you will pay through our virtual POS.
  • Register as user
    1. How do I register as a user? From the user panel on the home page or when you try to publish an advert, you will have a link to start the registration process.
    2. How do I manage my user profile? Click on, and you can manage your user data, the published properties, the followed properties, your inbox…
    3. Where do I change my user details? Click on and manage your user details.
    4. Where do I manage the alerts? Click on y manage your alerts.
    5. How do I follow up my favourite properties? Click on
    6. Where do I cancel my user account? Click on